Roeselare –

the Mayor of Roeselare, Kris Declercq (CD&V), it is still not sure about him or her as the chairman of the CD&V. According to the press, he would be named as a candidate for president. Himself, he is keen to stress that there is absolutely no decision has been made.

Kris, He was already in several newspapers floated as a candidate for president of CD&V. “There are all the different people I had to ask for it, or that there is nothing for me. But I have to be honest, no decision has been made. I am very enthusiastic about it, within the party, but this is not to say that I am bored up here in Roeselare,” says Kris, He. “I must look good all together considering and discussing with many different people, and I have a decision to make.”

The mayor has called for a new construction in its schepencollege from the 21st of October. Tom Vandenkendelaere (35) for the deputy burgomaster’s office, from Very Advanced to take in Roeselare. That last one laid yesterday sworn in as a minister in the federal government, and took over this place in the van, Wouter Beke. Her successor, Tom Vandenkendelaere, was until June a member of the European Parliament. In August, he provides advice on Eu legislation. In the local elections of October 2018 shall be obtained Vandenkendelaere 1.883 votes. On the 21st of October, he shall take an oath in the city of Roeselare.

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