While Jacques Villeret managed to make the whole of France laugh thanks to his films Le Dîner de cons or La soup aux choux, he hides deep emotional suffering that leads him to depression. In 1998, the actor was recomposed with a César for best actor for Le Dîner de cons. A great reward which is however tarnished by his separation from his first wife, Irina Tarasov.

The couple had met in the 70s before passing the ring on December 26, 1979. A brutal separation in 1998 which will mark the beginning of a great depression: “Jacques was so badly that on the advice of the doctors, I decided to have him hospitalized. To protect him from himself. So that he was really treated. At the time, he was angry with me. But he knew very well that it was for his own good”, explained the actor’s mother to Gala.

It was in the early 2000s that Sény and Jacques Villeret met for the first time. The young Senegalese is a widow and mother of three children. Between them, love at first sight is immediate. “We met at a time when we were each very unhappy in our lives and we decided to try not to be together anymore,” she confided to Gala. Quickly, they found several affectionate nicknames, including “white baby” for him and “black baby” for her. Unfortunately, the young woman is once again confronted with the mourning of her companion in January 2005.

During his funeral, the actor’s mother would also have forbidden him to attend the ceremony in the Saint-Roch church in Loches, reports Closer. The latter, however, was able to gather at the grave of her deceased companion.