The first wave of extreme cold is currently hitting France, while snow is also appearing in the mountains, but also in the plains. It should therefore increase in the coming days with negative temperatures, which could well force you to increase the rate of your boiler. However, it is not uncommon to see incidents occur and it is essential to know how to react accordingly to protect against or remedy them. Discover the 7 problems that can happen this winter with your boiler.

After an unusually long summer and above-normal temperatures during the fall, the cold has returned to France even though it was no longer really expected. To deal with this, the “severe cold” plan has just been launched in several departments in order to help the most vulnerable people. It is, therefore, a weather phenomenon called “Moscow-Paris”, which is at the origin of this sudden drop in temperatures, and has pushed the prefectures to support precarious households. Additional emergency accommodation places will in particular be made available for homeless people.

As the cold sweeps across France, it is very likely that you will have to push your boiler harder than necessary to maintain pleasant temperatures in your home. Although the maintenance of your boiler remains essential, it nevertheless happens that its use is marred by a few incidents, which sometimes need to be remedied urgently. Several problems can therefore appear when using your boiler and simple actions can be used to make them disappear. Discover, in our slideshow, the 7 problems that can occur with your boiler.