Memphis Grizzlies star youth Ja Morant apologized Tuesday night after a barrage of criticism in reaction to his video of him showing a gun in public. This is the second video of its kind in two months.

Earlier Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN on Tuesday that he was “shocked” by the video shot in a car and posted live on Instagram by a friend of Morant.

“I know I disappointed a lot of people who supported me,” Morant said in a statement. “I walk on and recognize that there is still work to be done. My words may not be worth much right now, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I pledge to continue my work on me.”

Morant, 23, shines among the next generation of the NBA. Rookie of the Year in 2020, he was voted twice by the public at the All-Star Game and once named All NBA by the sports press. He’s renowned for his high-flying dunks and made the Grizzlies a rising power in the Western Conference in 2022 and this year (they were knocked out by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round).

He embodies the new generation of the NBA, on whom the league is banking to succeed veterans like LeBron James, 38, and Stephen Curry, 35. Morant has already signed sponsorship deals with Nike and Powerade.

Morant previously came under fire in March for his Instagram video of him brandishing a gun at a Colorado nightclub. The NBA suspended him for eight games. Morant then apologized, taking “full responsibility” for his actions. He pledged to find “better ways to deal with stress” and enrolled in a psychological clinic in Florida.

Mr. Silver called Mr. Morant’s actions “irresponsible, reckless and potentially very dangerous.”

Before this video, Morant was already involved in controversies.

In a civil lawsuit, Morant was already charged with hitting a 17-year-old during a friendly basketball game last summer. Morant told police he acted in self-defense. A salesman also accused Morant of assaulting him after an argument involving his mother at a shoe store. A person who had a conflict with Morant’s sister also accused the player of bullying. None of these incidents led to criminal charges.

The new video showing Morant with a gun went viral on Sunday. The Grizzlies have suspended him from all postseason activities with the team.

Mr. Silver told ESPN on Tuesday that the league is investigating the new video. “Videos aren’t very sharp, but I’m assuming the worst,” Silver said.

As part of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, players agree to “not do anything harmful or detrimental to the interests” of the team or league. When Morant was first suspended, the NBA said his conduct caused damage to the league.