Top start for the Ascension weekend. Bison Futé has classified the days of Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 May 2023 in red in the direction of departures at the national level. “These difficulties will be amplified in the middle of the afternoon by the traffic generated by the ‘work-home’ journeys”, specifies the National Road Information Center. If the traffic will be green for the rest of the weekend, expect black roads with people in the direction of returns on Sunday May 21.

Before hitting the road, take care to refuel… By making sure that the service stations in your department are not already taken by storm! In our slideshow below, discover the 5 departments where gas stations are still struggling.

In some departments, fuel shortages are a thing of the past. Here is the list of territories where the share of service stations in difficulty is less than 1%:

*FigDat data, which is based on figures, was last updated on May 4, 2023.