The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation, which aims “to make everyone aware of their responsibility on the road and to carry out actions that promote attention to others and respect for the environment”, has published, on the eve of the long weekend, the results of its annual study: Responsible Driving Barometer.

This 12th edition was conducted in 11 European countries. 12,400 French people were surveyed by Ipsos about behavior on the road. As indicated on the foundation’s website: “It makes it possible to follow the evolution of risky behavior and good practices to help better direct prevention messages in France and in other countries. Europeans”.

Ranked among the worst drivers in Europe according to the survey by Ipsos and the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation, many French people will be hitting the road for this Ascension weekend. But what behaviors do they adopt to be considered as such? Forgetting to use a turn signal, exceeding the authorized speed, insults between motorists, drowsiness, … It is all these dangerous behaviors that make France one of the European countries where driving is the worst. Nevertheless, one of them stands out from the others by the number of French people who adopt it: it is the use of mobile phones while driving. Indeed, “74% of French people use their smartphone while driving, all uses combined” as the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation website tells us.

Not all regions of France are created equal. Indeed, depending on where you are on French territory, you can encounter more or less dangerous behavior depending on the region. Find in our slideshow the list of French regions with the most bad drivers.