According to a popular proverb, it is said that “talent has no age”. It is not the famous M6 program that will say the opposite. Since its first season in 2006, France has an incredible talent has revealed more than a thousand candidates over the years. Singing, dancing, extreme and unusual performances, all the means are good to attract the favors of the jury.

For this 17th season hosted by Karine Le Marchand, a candidate will set an incredible record. Charlotte, from Cher, is not a yoga teacher like the others since she is the oldest in the history of the program on M6. “This year, we have the oldest. She is 99 and a half years old. She will celebrate her 100th birthday in December,” said producer Déborah Huet, according to comments relayed by Télé Star.

A flexible and energetic nonagenarian who impressed Eric Antoine, one of the jurors on M6. “It’s extremely impressive,” he assures our colleagues. Present on stage in front of the jury in the company of her son Claude, the dean Charlotte will be able to count on the support of “her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who came to encourage her in the public”, specifies a press release from the chain.

Previously, other seniors have also shone on the stage of France has an incredible talent. While some retirees surprised viewers with unusual and breathtaking numbers, others managed to draw tears from the audience, right up to the show’s finale! Planet unveils six candidates who have marked the show in the slideshow.