Telephone canvassing and CPF: soon a new, more severe law?


For several months, the CPF scam has spread like wildfire in France, and the phones keep ringing. At the end of the line, or SMS, an enticing promise, in connection with the financing of a training. More often than not, this is a terrible scam, intended to shamelessly rob you.

But for all that, it remains difficult, today, to get rid of its aggressive salespeople and their annoying tendency to harass individuals.

There is the Bloctel service, or even the measures of April 1 aimed at supervising canvassing… But obviously, nothing really prevents abuse.

It is in the face of this observation that several deputies Bruno Fuchs (Modem) and Sylvain Maillard (LREM) tabled an ambitious bill this week, aimed at “prohibiting telephone canvassing by SMS and email from training organizations” . “The massive success of the CPF has opened the door to aggressive or even abusive commercial practices aimed at pushing individuals to buy training against their will”, specifies the text tabled by the elected officials.

To enforce this possible law, the text also provides for facilitating “the exchange of information between the various State services responsible for combating fraud”, notes Capital.

The project should be studied, at the earliest, from October, when the Assembly will resume its work.

The same type of measures had already been debated at the beginning of the summer by the deputies: the executive planned to integrate a section against abusive canvassing at the CPF in the 2022 finance law. The measure was finally rejected by the senators.

This summer, LREM deputies had tried to reintroduce, in the same vein, an amendment to the law on purchasing power. No effect: their modification was deemed inadmissible.