What is up to this week?

Hannah Kettemann: I’m studying French at the Goethe University as well as music at the University of music and Performing arts, my week schedule is very full. Last week, that was still different. The Goethe-Uni had not yet begun again, and I was able to spend a lot of time at the University, to play the piano and the recorder.

What do you like about the subject you are studying?

In my study of music I like, that one is thoroughly educated and have the option to play up to three instruments in the study. I have the feeling that I can succeed in this course.

And what is bothering you?

The standard period of study of eight semesters at the Academy of music is measured by the inserted practice of the semester is too low. Thus, it is not possible, issues intensive.

What did you want to tell your University President?

I can’t say anything Negative. I am very satisfied and like the atmosphere here at the College.

your favorite place at the Academy?

The Foyer. Here it is, if you have time to do anything, resting or meeting friends.

And where you go when you need to?

At the College there is no place that is not like me.

Where is the University the best place for Flirting?

If, then, very likely also in the Foyer, because here the people meet. Perhaps the Mensa.

How do you live?

In the WG, in which I have been accustomed to, did not like it so well for me, so I moved last week into a new WG on the Campus Westend.

How do you Finance your studies?

I get Bafög, but also my parents support me.

Where to go in the evening?

with friends in a Café. Especially the Café “Gresso” is very close to the University of music great.

What do you like about Frankfurt, what is not?

Since the University is quite a time-eater, I have not seen, unfortunately, even much of the city. But the public transport works well, the subways are generally clean, and there are many shopping possibilities. The rental prices for apartments in Frankfurt, however, is much too high.

What you want to do after graduation?

First, a trainee teacher at a high school. Would be great if I could work there. At the same time, I would like to be a volunteer and put me in projects for refugees or Africa engage.


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Recorded by Simone Prince