the richest man in The world and his wife are getting a divorce. And probably the most powerful man in the world does not ask twice and scoffs at this separation. Finally, he has for several years a private feud with the richest man in the world.

the richest man in The world is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. His adversary, the us President, Donald Trump. Bezos announced last Wednesday via Twitter that he divorced his wife. The widespread and of both of the signed message pointed to an amicable separation. They would remain a family and good friends, they wrote. “We look forward to a wonderful future as parents, friends, Partner.”

however, There are doubts about this Version and submit to President Trump, of course, also on Twitter, with relish: “I’m so sorry to hear that Jeff Bozo is defeated by a competitor.” Bozo is a famous American Clown-figure that was especially in the sixties popular.

Trump refers to reports in the American illustrated magazine “National Enquirer”, which Bezos has for the past eight months, an affair with the TV presenter Lauren Sanchez. Sanchez is currently still married with Hollywood Manager Patrick Whitesell.

The private feud

The magazine, to keep track of Bezos for months, and has released a series of pictures to show the two in airports and in Hotels. The National Enquirer quoted also from private text messages from Jeff Bezos and his Beloved. MacKenzie Bezos is portrayed as a jealous wife.

the President of Trump seems to be happy about these reports and is a further side-swipe against Bezos. He writes on Twitter that the coverage of these magazines is far more precise than the “Amazon Washington Post”. The Washington Post is one of the most respected Newspapers in the country, which has, for example, uncovered the Watergate affair in the beginning of the seventy years. Bezos has purchased the newspaper again in 2013.