There are places in a city to which all can agree. To be loved by old-time residents as of fresh Newcomers and tourists. You can easily view. Hamburg many of these places, many of such attractions. And there are special places where you can look at these sights from a new perspective. Florian Kienast has created such spaces in the city and designed. The best seats for the best view.

Matthias Wyssuwa

Political correspondent for the North of Germany and Scandinavia with headquarters in Hamburg.

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“We have of course had the large luck, that we have always had Top Locations,” says Kienast. “If the rooms have a special feature, we will try this property out to work.” And sometimes it’s just the look that they offer.

Kienast sits on a Sunny autumn morning, in one of these Top Venues, the Restaurant “Heritage” in the Hotel Le Méridien. At the very top, directly on the outer Alster lake. A huge wall of Windows allow a clear view of the sparkling lake, the sun was shining strongly, sluggish a few sailing boats over the water slide. The Hamburg Post Card Views. And Kienast was allowed to set up the audience to rank. Although this is almost too little is said. Kienast will not only, it is staged.

In the Méridien, he has held back. His redesign of the restaurant, be a Redesign, not POPs, it comes up smooth. Dark colors, clear lines, fine wood tables, panels with güldenem pattern on the ceiling. Nothing should distract from the view. Where long, the unpopular seats in the second row on the wall, he let the whole area. Now you can sit here protected and exalted in a niche and can look over the heads of others and. It is believed to have, in spite of the great Restaurants, the view alone. Kienast says, when he comes into a room, he usually only five minutes, to know what he would do with it.

The forty-three year old is tall and athletic. He is in a kind of no-nonsense rave when he talks about his work. Well before the age of 17, he has the setup and design office in the form of walls co-founded. To third and almost naive, were Kienast says. However, the success came soon. More than 300 projects realized so far, even internationally. Today, Kienast can lead to a whole day by the Locations of the Hanseatic city, where his office was allowed to let off steam. Whether in the Restaurant “Clouds”, with the Rooftop Bar at the very top in the “Dancing towers”, the high-rise buildings at the entrance to the Reeperbahn, whether in the “Störtebeker” in the Elbphilharmonie, where to look, just like clean – out, or just here in the Méridien. In these places, what distinguishes his work: Everything is restrained in a straight line, unkitschig comfortable and in love with detail.

Kienast grew up initially in Hamburg, then the family moved to the lüneburg Heath in the village. His parents bought an old farmhouse and rebuilt it. Old horse stables were to the living, the doors were refurbished, the bar is exposed, as is the masonry. Even if the architecture was never an issue at his home, says Kienast, he came close to her early on. Because everyone had to help.

Always beautiful on the carpet to stay

“I think that has influenced me: to create spaces that exude a certain sense of security and a feel-good atmosphere.” So he makes it up today. And of course it had to come then, so that also the first customer of his office had an old farmhouse with a thatched roof and small Windows. With his colleagues, he took care of everything, from the shower to the bedside table. The customer wanted to make. “He has only said that he trust us – and to the costs being asked.”

Later Kienast met a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, for which he designed the exhibition stands and sales rooms. He sent him to international fairs and to customers in Germany. So he found with his office access to the world of the hotel, decorated terraces new, meeting rooms and Restaurants. If he takes on a project, discusses it with the Client, who is the target audience and what is the history of the Restaurant, room and range. Then he tells you with its Design.