electric car manufacturer Tesla calls the Software billionaire Larry Ellison, and the HR Manager Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as independent Directors in its management of the group. Therefore, the company meets a demand of the us stock exchange regulator SEC, with the Tesla-founder Elon Musk after his misleading statements about a possible stock-market retreat on a comparison had been agreed.

Ellison, founder and major shareholder of the software group Oracle, has bought in this year, three million Tesla shares. Wilson-Thompson is working for the American pharmaceutical chain Walgreens Boots Alliance.

“With Larry and Kathleen, we have gained an outstanding entrepreneur and a leading personnel Manager, both of which have a passion for renewable energy,” said Tesla. In the settlement with the SEC, the company had committed to pay 20 million Dollar penalty and to appoint a new Board of Directors, the chief (Chairman). This Musk was able to avert his impending dismissal as chief Executive.

In August, he had written more than 22 million Twitter followers, he’s thinking of, to take the company from the stock exchange and to offer 420 dollars per share; the financing is secured. So Tesla would have been 72 billion dollars a rating.

It came to strong Price fluctuations. Later, Musk rowed back to Tesla to stay in the stock market. It turned out that he had no financing commitments from investors. The SEC, according to Musk chose the number 420 among other things, because it is in the drug jargon for the consumption of marijuana. He thought his girlfriend would find the Tweets funny. This Friday, Tesla shares were trading 2.4 per cent in the Plus.