Instructions: 6 items to bring back to the store to make money


It’s making a comeback… The deposit box, which has been missing since the 1990s due to single-use plastic packaging, is coming back. What is the reason for its reappearance and return to fashion?

The fight against waste and zero waste are one of the main causes. In addition, the anti-waste law adopted in 2020 aims to reuse packaging up to 5% in 2023 and 10% in 2027, reports Femme Actuelle. Something to encourage recycling.

According to Le Monde, however, one region has resisted the disappearance of the deposit all this time: Alsace. She continued to carry on the tradition. And the least we can say is that it is an ecological success. So why not extend to the whole of France?

According to some observers in the article, this environmental victory is mainly due to the fact that “most of its production is in a small territory”.

In addition, supermarkets also agree to accommodate deposit bins. In reality, the deposit would not necessarily be relevant everywhere. Three criteria must be taken into account: the transport distance, the weight of the packaging and the recycling rate.

The deposit is not only an ecological gesture, but also an economic one… Indeed, when it is used, the price of the container is reimbursed when you bring it back to the store. So what are the objects that work with this system?

To find out, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists the objects where the locker is set up, according to Femme Actuelle and Radins. They are ideal when looking to earn some easy money.