It was high time, that on Thursday the North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag strengths at the request of the SPD, under the agenda item “small garden creatures for the demands of the future” of the allotments. Because, in the Rhine and Ruhr allotment for nearly seven decades, not just a private pleasure, but also a political obligation: NRW is the only state in which the Allotment has been made in the Constitution gardens. “The small settlement and the small garden beings”, as it says, “encourage.”

article 29, paragraph 3, was a practical life lesson from painful experience. Several times already had gardens and allotments as a life-saving green Islands appeared. In the First world war, it is said to have 130,000 of small gardens in Germany, in which the allotment gardeners in the vicinity of its tenements farmed and the Versorgungsnot were able to ease some. Likewise, it was after the Second world war. In addition, many of the bombed-out families served in your gazebo as a protective roof over the head.

Some of the gazebo grew later, became a veritable your own home. The city administrations have tolerated the most and stood by the foliage piepern life-long right of residence. In February 1983, the Federal legislature made the wild growth with the Federal allotment garden law.

At the same time, the standard gave the gardeners a new security. Because with the law, the lease was capped. You must not be more than four times as high as that for the acquisition of standard fruit and vegetable growing. In spite of the last several years of the allotment garden-Renaissance, there are in some local authorities, because of this ceiling, but time and again discussions about whether or not to use the land in the best location in the city lucrative, so real estate developers could not sell.