Aalter / Knesselare, On the Knokkebaan (N44) it happened Monday afternoon in a road traffic accident. During the incident, two trucks and a parked car involved. The facades of the two buildings were damaged.

The accident occurred at about 15 hours. The driver of a tanker truck drove into a vehicle in front of you, that this is against the facades of the two buildings came to be. The walls were damaged, but there was, in the end, was about to collapse. The driver of the tanker was injured and was taken to the hospital. The cause of the accident is suspected to be a human error. “The accident looked more spectacular than it really was,” says the chief of police, Peter Ponnet, the police Aalter, belgium. “However, there is still quite a bit of damage.” As a result of the accident, was in the right lane and the pedestrian path in the direction of Aalter city Center for a while, stopped. There was a traffic jam to get past Aalter Bridge. The truck was filled with goat’s milk. A co-worker of the injured officer and served on-the-spot to get the milk to be pumped into another tanker truck.