in Those of Herman and Corné van Kessel run from January 1 to the Tormans MORE Team-by-Wanty – Gobert. Both riders are currently in the process of getting started with Telenet Baloise but it may be due to his or her manager, Hans van Kasteren, along with Tormans Group, according to the structure of the Wanty – Gobert and Hilaire van der Schueren guide. Their wegprogramma to work for the wegploeg of the Wanty Gobert, Hermans, and van Kessel sign a contract for a three-year period.

It was, however, a long period of time to be in Herman’s for Total, Instant Energy, it would move but the transfer eventually went through. “Because there was no room for the Corne, and they are behind my back, Those are going to talk,” said van Kasteren. So, a solution can be found for Hilaire van der Schueren, with a new partner, Tormans Group, which is an additional advantage.

in Those of Herman, 24 years old, is currently in the process of getting started in the United States, and the openingsmanches of the world Cup. The Observer is the seventh in the world in cyclo-cross, but can also be used on the road in quite a while. Last year, he was the best, and in the fourth stage of the Tour of Wallonia (belgium), where he is in the second position in the final classification obtained. In 2019, he won three stages and the overall classification in the Flèche du Sud, and he appeared to be with a third place finish in the stage and cut through in the region of Hageland.

Van Kasteren, with Herman’s. Photo: Raymond Lemmens

the Tormans of Kasteren is also a new sponsor to the sport of cycling. In addition Soudal has been Tormans the second, both by national and the company, that is over the world will present itself. The company is specialized in the engineering and engineeringprofielen, and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The roots of the company are located in the netherlands, in particular in the Yellow and, where the head office is located. In addition, the company has also branch offices in Mechelen, belgium, and Europe, and is aiming at further expansion in Belgium and possibly abroad.


“We’re very proud to have this new challenge to the cross-to go with you,” said Jean-François Bourlart, the general manager of the cycling team Wanty Gobert. “For a number of years, and this idea was born in the back of our minds, but we wanted to bring the project to a decent level of detail. It is, therefore, achieved thanks to the introduction of a new partner, as well as two of the best riders in the world.”
Jean-François Bourlart, John Tormans, Hilaire van der Schueren and Hans van Kasteren, in front of the riders Corné van Kessel and Quinten Hermans. Photo: rr. < / P> Hilaire van der Schueren has a history in off-road cycling, in particular from the period of the Palmans, where he, among others, Mario De Clercq, but also to Christoph Roodhooft, under his wings, had been. “Since the end of the Palmans team, for more than a decade ago, the meaning of the cross is only nostalgia to me. I am glad that I have a new project and get a chance to get to the second section of the championships back to them. Quinten Hermans and Corne Van Kessel were very good and cyclo crossers, with a lot of potential out on the road. This project will provide them with an opportunity to give thanks to a good wegprogramma to achieve their full potential. I am already looking forward to going back into the field to appear, and these are the talents behind the scenes to assist you.”


“I’ve had Those, and Corne, promised to help them set up a project to find where they are on the road and in the field, a lot of progression could be taken into account”, says Hans van Kasteren. “My original idea was to create a new team to start up, but eventually, we found a much better alternative the inclusion in the Wanty-Gobert. Now that they are in the colors of the Tormans Group, defended in the winter, at the cross, and in the biggest matches, on the road to argue with the Wanty-Gobert.”

Quinten Hermans as the leader in the Tour of Wallonia (belgium) from the previous year. Photo: BELGA

this is great news, also Those of Herman. “A new project from Tormans MORE by Wanty-Gobert is a gift of god,” says the Observer. “At my young age, I have a need to have a long-term view, and I am very pleased that the Tormans TOP of me with the confidence to take the next three years of my career to build it up. I don’t have any big ambition to be more and more on the way, but not at the expense of the cross, and let this be the design of my future team. Both on the road and in the field, it will Corne, and I am in full support. We can drive for years with the same team, and are looking forward to competing in January with Wanty-Gobert is in a very nice area to go to. I’m waiting too eagerly to the challenge of becoming a wegprogramma at a higher level, to leave you, but first, I want to be a good that racing to finish.”
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