Comment on the Lauberhorn-dispute – With the Eiger, alone, is not an invoice you can pay race no Winter without foliage horn? Nothing seems more impossible. This is due to the organizers themselves.MeinungRené Hauri23 Kommentare23Eindrückliche backdrop, fast Swiss Beat Feuz made his mark on the history of the deciduous horns with his three Victories. Now, the abrupt end is imminent.Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)

It sounds like a bad joke – and could soon be a reality: The Lauberhorn race threaten to disappear. On Wednesday, Swiss-Ski has led to cancel the big event of the provisional calendar for the season of 2021/22. Instead of “Wengen” there is only “SUI”. Three letters that stand as a placeholder for any race in Switzerland. The dispute between the organizers and the Swiss Association escalated.

Nearly 2.5 million Swiss francs, which controls Swiss-Ski, as the legal owner of the race the organisers in a variety of forms to your Budget of 8.7 million Swiss francs. There are many other donors, the military and civil protection 3000 service days afford. Nevertheless, a Minus resulted in the last few years.

A path without a goal

Already, 2018, the operator handles to the thigh and went in front of the International sports court CAS, to fight for Swiss-Ski, an additional Million per year. It is a lot of crockery was smashed between two parties, should work Hand-in-Hand in the implementation of your showpiece.

The organizers came up with the court-a path that knows no destination. It is not likely that you have now noticed, after a had been like that between the judgment of CAS. Although this is not public and no one commented on it specifically, the approach of Swiss-Ski indicates that the procedure is likely to assume in favour of the organisers and to the detriment of the Association. Swiss-Ski is therefore applied to the temporary cancellation of the race in Wengen to have to pay if the CAS case is from his point of view is negative. It could mean the deathblow for the race.

Swiss-Ski is likely to be superior to good, to accept that, because of the loss of image would also be for the Association tremendously. In addition, the Canton of Berne is likely to ask himself whether he wants to let an occasion to fall, which generated a value added of an estimated 30 million Swiss francs.

> Plain stubborn

The extreme counter-example is Kitzbühel, the other big classics, where it is marketed, what can be marketed. The lettering, lighting systems, and arcs will not have made the race less spectacular – quite the opposite.

The organizer in Wengen, you need to move, you don’t want to contribute, that their race will disappear. Then also, Swiss-Ski would probably be ready to sit back down at the table. Outside of a court.

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