The announcement of the decision of impeachment against Michael Lauber is it is a very judicial today, the Commission has consulted the Federal Prosecutor. Couldn’t convince you that The Commission suspected him of “serious breaches of obligations”.23 Kommentare23Bundesanwalt Michael Lauber arrives for a hearing in the judiciary Committee in the Federal house.Photo: Keystone

The pressure on Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber is increasing: The court of Commission of National Council and Council of States has opened impeachment proceedings against him. The decision was made on Wednesday, after they had to Meet Lauber belongs to, among other things, the Fifa.

Last week, had the court Commission’s principles of Action given in the event that you would lead an impeachment procedure. Should such occur, therefore, if the Commission has reasonable grounds for suspecting that the Federal Prosecutor has breached his duties with intent or gross negligence is hard. If these conditions are met from the point of view of the Commission now.

The decision of the Commission coincided with a 13 to 4 vote, how Nationalrat Andrea Caroni (FDP/AR), the President of the Commission, reported on Wednesday evening in front of the Federal Palace media.

Now, the Commission needs to conduct a kind of investigation. Afterwards, you could ask the United Federal Assembly the motion to dismiss Federal Prosecutor Lauber of the office. On the request likely would be voted on after at the earliest in the autumn session in September.

office of the attorney General: “No impact on operational activity”

The opening of an impeachment procedure, have no impact on the operational activities of the office of the attorney General (BA). The authority writes in a statement.

Lauber have taken note of the on Wednesday announced the opening of impeachment proceedings against him. He will have to attend him by the Parliament transferred the leadership responsibility, it was said in the opinion.

The court Commission wants to stand Lauber continue to provide information. Similarly, the office of the attorney General (BA) wants to Express their views to competent bodies, for example, against the overall supervision of the audit Commission in the framework of the ongoing inspection to aspects of the Supervisory relationship between the Supervisory authority shall behave (BA) and office of the attorney General.

Second Showdown

Lauber had been confirmed last autumn by the Parliament in office. The re-election was fiercely disputed. Reason documented Meeting with Fifa chief Gianni Infantino at a time when the Federal government led to the advocacy of various proceedings against the world football Federation were not.

The court Commission had voted at that time against Lauber for re-election. For the majority of the Commission was, even then, that Lauber had violated his duties negligently.

Destructive criticism

The situation today is not the same. A by the Supervisory authority of the office of the attorney General (AB-BA) – led disciplinary process has now come to a devastating judgment. In their report published in March, the suspicion is expressed that Lauber had violated various duties of the profession.

He repeatedly said is untrue, disloyal traded, the Code of Conduct of the Federal Prosecutor violated and the investigation of AB-BA is disabled, so the evaluation of the Supervisory authority. In addition, the Federal lawyer show up unapologetic, and he had a wrong understanding of the profession. In sum, substantial breaches of duty had this. Against the AB-BA pronounced wage reduction has collected Lauber complaint.

the end of April, the long, plodding investigation of the “summer fairy-tale process,” one of the most important procedures in the Fifa Statute-barred after a year of complex. This is likely to have cost Lauber further restraint. In his re-election, his supporters had argued that only continuity at the head of the office of the attorney General Prescription could be prevented. Because of the dubious contacts with Fifa officials, the Supreme Swiss prosecutors has now become yourself to the mortgage for the process.

Lauber continue the fight

Lauber himself does not think, so far, to give up. It went “very well,” he said after the hearing on Wednesday afternoon in front of journalists. For more information Lauber made. He left the Federal house after the meeting without further comment. The hearing before the Commission had taken some two hours.

Lauber himself denies the allegations for months, vehemently, and engages in turn-BA: This I put in the proceedings against him a “good Dose of malice of the day”, because he lies to controversial Meeting with the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino under the body.

(SDA / step)

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