50 foods you shouldn’t keep in the fridge


The refrigerator should not be an automatic reflex. If we generally think that a product in the fridge is a well-preserved product, the reality is quite different. Some foods unfortunately lose their flavors and natural benefits when they are refrigerated, explains Femme Actuelle. This is especially the case with fruits and vegetables, which, for many, do not support the cold.

Additionally, the magazine states that for some fruits, cold storage makes your food much mealier. In addition, the sudden change in temperature represented by refrigeration does not appeal at all to certain foodstuffs. According to Femme Actuelle, the tuber family is also particularly sensitive to cold and humidity. Thus, the refrigerator is responsible for the transmission of starch into sugar, which causes early blackening of the food.

The weekly specifies that exotic fruits are also denatured when placed in the fridge. The taste of the product can be greatly modified and the maturation impacted. Femme Actuelle therefore advises keeping the food out of the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic film and away from direct sunlight.

The specialized site Bio à la une also mentions the case of stone fruits. Indeed, out of the fridge, these foodstuffs keep better. They will retain more nutrients, be sweeter and less acidic if you store them at room temperature.

On the grocery side, Femme Actuelle indicates that certain products that are often put in the fridge, such as mustard or jam, do better out of the fridge. In our slideshow, discover the complete list of all the foods that must be kept well away from the refrigerator.