Civil war in Libya, General Haftar confused friend and enemy The Warlord announces the UN agreement and irritated even his supporters, such as Russia. Thus, the chances of a political solution. Moritz Baumstieger2 Kommentare2Flucht to the front of General Khalifa Haftar, who became caught up in the Libya conflict last on the Defensive. Photo: Reuters

For political announcements Khalifa Haftar uses the medium of television speech – as he was already a statesman and not a Warlord that tries to with a ragtag army, to conquer the Power. So on Monday evening: As the self-appointed field Marshal stepped in front of a wood paneled wall with Golden calligraphy and cried, for power over the whole of Libya.

the United Nations in the year 2015 brokered agreement on power-sharing in the war-torn country and establishing a government of national unity was “a thing of the past,” said Haftar. It had destroyed the country. His Libyan national army is proud to take on the historical task is to lead the country.

Haftar against negotiated solution

Even if his speech a lot of question marks left behind, has created the 76-year-old Haftar, at least in one point of clarity: A negotiated solution with the UN-used Prime Minister of Libya, Fayez al-Sarraj, will it not give him. That Haftar does not want to is striving to become one, but all the Power, was for years an open secret. But while his militias tried on the ground, to create facts, let Haftar to ask again and again international conferences and negotiations.

That Haftar was able to play this dual strategy over such a long time, is mainly due to the international support, which he learns despite all the embargo until today. France and Egypt have beaten more or less openly on his side. To win Terrain helped the General but especially Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Moscow hopes to draw by Haftar another state in the Middle East in its sphere of influence. And the UAE will see in Haftar a guarantee that the hated Muslim brotherhood to win any Power in Libya.

the Kremlin insists on a political solution

Still, Haftar was last on the Defensive After he had conquered from the East of the country, take large parts of Libya and Tripoli, laid siege to, increased by the supporters of his opponents ‘ commitment. Turkey, as the closest ally of Prime Sarraj, sent drones, and also mercenaries from the territories of Syria. So Haftar lost in April, some cities – perhaps he wanted to cover up this shame with his pompous announcement.

“We have a stalemate,” said the UN special representative for Libya, Stephanie Williams. Whenever a page is progress, come a foreign supporter. That Haftar can count according to the logic but to a growing involvement of Russia, seems to not exist at present: The Kremlin, stressed that there was “no Alternative” to pacify Libya through a political process. Since the violent overthrow of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, Chaos reigns in Libya.

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