From Snowboarder to entrepreneur – “If I’ve only been in the Sport a success, then I am nothing”is Actually David Hablützel Snowboard professional. Now he wants to build a second leg to stand on and sells with friends socks, which are made of ocean plastic.Erik Hasselberg0 comment David Hablützel goes to the entrepreneur, the professional Snowboarder David Hablützel produced with friends socks made from ocean plastic. He has found a second passion, and the Balance that he needs for the Sport.Video: Keystone SDA

boards are his passion. Whether in snow, on the Asphalt or on the waves: David Hablützel feels comfortable, if he stands on shaky legs. The 24-Year-old is actually a professional Snowboarder, jumps in the Winter in the Freestyle disciplines through the air. As a 17-Year-old, he catapulted to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi with a fifth place in the world elite, won an Olympic diploma. But he had to finish that season after a fall with a cruciate ligament rupture abruptly. It should not remain the only injury in his career, it is meniscus to follow problems, back contusion and spine fracture, a concussion, broken collarbone. “At the end of the last season, I wondered whether I should end my career.”

The Sport should not be anything in his life. “If you are in Switzerland say, you athletes, were the question then is, “what else do you do always comes right away?” You then immediately get the feeling that you put all of the pressure that you have to be really good. If I’m in the Sport not succeed, then I am nothing.” To avoid exactly uses Hablützel, now is the time to push to be with three friends, founded a Start-up.

nature – with socks made from ocean plastic

Together, the four of Zurich, socks, sports sell socks that are to a large extent of ocean plastic. At the end of last year, Hablützel and his friends were able to gather by means of Crowdfunding, 22’000 Swiss francs and the first Tranche will Finance and produce. The Freestyler says: “It gives me much joy to know that I now have by the way a “normal” Job and at the same time still have the privilege to practice my Sport.” As a result, the inner joy for the Sport that was so important for him to grow in him again.

He also believes that now have a new passion for something that has nothing to do with sports. And this is the New would like to receive entrepreneur for as long as possible, in the same way as an intact nature. “I think we take advantage of nature sometimes. As beautiful as she is now, she is to remain to us in any event. And if we can contribute with our project, something small and meaningful, then that’s great.”

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