Corona-Check in the office, Credit Suisse offers its employees Free testing to employees can have a antibody to investigate. The names of the persons, and the test results, the Bank assured a spokesman. Holger Alich2 Kommentare2Arbeitgeber such as Credit Suisse can offer to their employees free of charge anti-body Tests for the Coronavirus. Photo: Dado Ruvic (Reuters)

Credit Suisse offers its employees to be free of charge on a Corona-antibody test, the big Bank. Thus, the Bank wants their employees with “a certain degree of clarity to offer, whether you were previously in contact with the Virus or not”. The Tests are voluntary, emphasizing the Bank. Credit Suisse is the first big group that offers such Tests for his employees.

The anti-body test, blood is taken and analyzed. Unlike a revenge test, the antibody test can detect an infection after the acute stage of the infection yet.

The Tests are carried out in the premises of the Bank by qualified personnel. To test, you need to book the CS-employees using an Online Tool for an appointment. The superiors do not know, however, anyone who has booked a Test, assures a spokesman. The results of the test to get the employees by Mail sent home. The Bank learns nothing about the test results.

No security for immunity

It is, however, not sure if anyone, of the anti-body is formed, and a Covid-19 infection already has been through, really immune and do not again fall ill can. Unclear is also whether someone with antibodies is no longer contagious. Therefore, the Bank stressed: “Tested employees are explicitly made aware that a positive result provides no security against re-infection, and the existing rules of conduct also apply to you.”

Currently, the employees of Credit Suisse to continue to work in the home office. In a next Phase, the Teams will be split in half and alternately back to the office may be (so-called “Split-Team” solution).

The Tests will be offered in a pilot phase at the location of Zurich employees. “If the runs currently in a pilot project in Switzerland is Credit Suisse offer the possibility of testing starting in June at their larger sites,” says the Bank.

Credit Suisse is of the anti-body test, developed by Roche. Roche CEO Severin Schwan is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse.

With the Free trial offer the big Bank, has overtaken the Pharma giant Basel. Also, Roche wants to offer its employees Free of charge Tests, the Details of which are still open: “We are looking into options to make the Test on a voluntary Basis, employees in different locations”, says a Roche spokesperson.

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