Because of the stalled budget dispute are not able to work many American Federal agencies currently, as usual. In the core of the dispute, it comes to the financing of the President, Donald Trump proposed wall on the border to Mexico. The Republicans calls for five billion dollars for the construction and indicates, as yet, no willingness to compromise. The Senate and the house of representatives want to meet on Thursday to discuss a solution. A quick Convention is not, however, in sight.

About 800,000 Federal employees of the “Shutdown” affected

The Senate could have approved a draft bill from the Republican-controlled house of representatives. This Trumps would meets all the requirements. So the template can pass the Senate, would have to agree but 60 of the 100 senators. The Republicans with only a narrow majority would have to persuade some Democrats to support you. However, these are mostly against trump’s prestige project, and have only offered $ 1.3 billion for General border security. Trump said recently that he could wait until the funding of the wall standing, no matter how long it takes.

Since Saturday, authorities have partially closed. Of these, approximately 800,000 Federal affected staff. The largest part of the government, which employs nearly four million people directly, however, is to continue to be funded. And also the affected facilities do not close completely. Employees whose work is classified as absolutely necessary, must fulfill their tasks. They are paid currently, but also those who need to stay home.

In the new year. the cards are shuffled

The 3 January is constituted, also, of the new Congress. The Democrats take control of the house of representatives. It is expected that the Democrat Nancy Pelosi takes the presidency of this chamber of the Parliament. It is unclear what will choose for a budget law for the new house of representatives – with the funding of Trumps wall, however, is unlikely.