Antisemitic graffiti was spray-painted in Boise near Anne Frank Memorial during Hanukkah

Authorities said that a memorial in Idaho for Holocaust victim Anne Frank, the only U.S. memorial to him, was altered with antisemitic imagery.

Boise police reported that anti-Semitic graffiti was found on the walls of tunnels located near Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee stated that “We are aware of the significance of this Saturday being Hanukkah’s last Saturday”

According to the Idaho Statesman, police claimed that the graffiti contained swastikas. The Third Reich used the symbol during World War II and White supremacists used it.

According to police, Boise Parks employees started covering up graffiti immediately after they were informed of the incident.

The memorial includes a life-sized bronze statue of the Jewish diarist. It shows Frank holding her diary and looking out the window of the “secret annex” in which she and her family spent 761 days hiding from German Nazis .

The Franks were found and taken to concentration camps by the Germans in August 1944, just one year before the end World War II.

In connection with the graffiti, no arrests were made immediately. The police said that they are still investigating.

The vandalism of the memorial is not the first. The memorial was covered with stickers depicting an swastika last year. In 2017, KTVB TV reported that antisemitic graffiti had caused $20,000 of damage.