as of The financial statements is not yet official, but it is already clear that Anderlecht will be 25 to 27 million euros in losses. That is, it is huge, but the RSCA, it is not a surprise. The club has its reasons, and to see the solutions.

1 and so, after the weight loss.

the Anderlecht did last year, and a capital increase of 30 million euros. That the board of directors of the team after a couple of difficult years, however, continue to be developed. The purple-and-white, was a difficult one to balance. To the left was a much wider, and the failed transfers, walked up to the first year of Coucke, as well as the expensive players, and inherited from the old board. Anderlecht tried to redundant the boys to get out there, but it is a process that requires time. Only Ivan Santini went for 5 million. Others, such as Kums, Milic, Sa, Sanneh have been loaned out in the hope that they will be more cost-effective to return it for a sale.

2 is the Value of the goudhaantjes.

the Purple-and-white, panics are not. As part of the European football, the loss can be offset in the Champions League, millions of the club is not just about support – it is the value of the core. Anderlecht has a lot of talent. It is not intended to be for the youngsters to start to sell it, but for someone like Verschaeren, there is hope that he will be 20 million. Also, Saelemaekers and Lokonga are goudhaantjes.

3-commercial income).

now, Anderlecht to save on athletic spending, but elsewhere to make a profit. According to the club’s commercial revenue, sponsorship, and seats, with a ten per cent increase. The budgets for the non-sports items to be sharpened. That is, it will be necessary for the ontslagpremie of Arnesen or with the wages and salaries paid to Chadli and Nasri have not been included in these consolidated financial statements.

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