now, to A horrific injury in the champions League: the foot, the Everton midfielder Andre Gomes said after a tackle from Heung-Min Son with a move to the right angle of his lower leg. Everyone in the stadium was hit by injury, while in Goal for a few minutes, had to take care of them.

the Son was walking in the midfield followed, and so the Goal of. They were, and after that, did the Portuguese and Serge Aurier. By a horrible twist of fate, managed to break the French player of the competition, the only Goal in a narrow way. The crowd there was an immediate panic, if you were able to view the complete alteration of the foot is not it. The repetition is not displayed on the tv screen to the sensitive viewers, and to save some money.

the Son was given a yellow, but it was after the intervention of the VAR, however, is punished with a red. The South Korean was particularly moved by the stage, and was backed up by a staff member of the underground in it. As the game went on, after a long break, once again, from the start. In the 97th minute, it was 1-1, thanks to the Everton-striker Cenk Tosun.

Son was in a state of shock due to the injury. Photo: Action Images via Reuters, Photo: EPA, EFE (Photo: REUTERS, Photos: REUTERS, Photos: REUTERS, Photo: EPA, EFE (Photo: EPA, EFE (Photo: REUTERS Photo: REUTERS < / P>