A British man whose conviction on rape as of 2013, two years ago, it was undone, will not get any compensation for the two years that he was unjustly put behind bars were filled.

Danny, Kay, (28), and was made in 2013 and sentenced for rape, but the conviction of the man, from Derby, was, in 2017 to be deleted. His sister-in-law was Sarah Wilson with a few simple clicks, on its Facebook profile, namely: grocery shopping, found that his innocence has been proven.

Messages have been omitted:

While the initial process is claimed to be the alleged victims of the facts that Kay was under persecution, had little contact with the man. The jury was given only to the seductive message of, “I’m sorry” and to show that Kay is doing so to apologise for the rape. However, when the fully threaded up from the water came, it turned out to be the guy to apologise for the fact that the previous messages had been ignored. The judges gave her an answer “(“Not required”) are not to be seen.

it was the alleged victim at the request of Kay, her phone number is to be disclosed, together with four ‘the kiss’-emoticon and the message of ” I’m still going for it!”. In another message, after their break-up, wrote his wife, “I thought you at least would try to get me to go back to get it”.

In 2017, it was the judgment of Kay, on appeal, reversed. The man was at that moment that for the last two years, is innocent, and that the cell has a number of years.


as Kay opened a court case against the ministry of Justice, has demanded an indemnity of 500,000 pounds (or about 580.000 euro). However, that claim was recently denied. According to the ministry, and showed the new messages, that there is a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the Kay, but that he had to send his innocence is not proven beyond doubt.

in A ruling that Kay did not understand, and, therefore, he is considering an appeal. “They have for much of my life had been destroyed. If the evidence is enough to make my judgement, to undo, to why simply not to make me pay up?”

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