Hornets: the 7 signs that announce an invasion in your garden


The hornet is multiplying in France. Regularly confused with the wasp and the bee, here is how to spot the two main species in France, the Asian, “Vespa velutina” and the European, “Vespa crabro” according to the AAAFA website (Association action anti Asian hornet). The first displays a brown and black thorax, an orange head and an abdoment with an orange ring. The second is recognized by its yellow body, streaked with black. Its head and thorax are red.

These are insects that threaten bees. They kill them and plunder the hives. In addition, if the European species is less aggressive, its cousin will not hesitate to attack humans in groups and in bursts, causing bites.

Are hornets constantly flying over your garden? Maybe a queen is nearby. If in doubt, the slideshow below presents the warning signs of the formation of their home, according to the Maison et Travaux media.

If you spot the presence of a nest, it can be reported on the GeoNest application. It allows individuals to geolocate them to help insect repellents in their work.

According to the media 6:39 p.m., before the arrival of the swarm, the queen builds a first habitat, large and orange, called “primary nest” which will accommodate the colony for the first few days. It is only then that it takes on its spherical shape, characteristic of the constructions of this insect.

It is in its initial form that it is the easiest to destroy. At this stage, doing it yourself is a possibility, taking precautions. In addition, during the night, the nest must be unhooked and the queen dislodged, with or without insecticide. If in doubt, contact a professional trained in the eradication of hornets.