What could be better than the freshness of a refrigerator, in the middle of a heat wave? Of course, all you need is supposedly a few well-placed drops of water to regulate your body temperature and, in practice, it is not advisable to drink too cold during periods of high heat. That being said, it is clear that the consumption of cold products (such as ice cream, for example) remains a must in the summer. Unfortunately, informs BFMTV on its site, the current situation could prove dangerous for your fridge-freezer combo.

Indeed, the devices sold in France are not made to operate in such conditions. Refrigerators, our colleagues note based on information from Le Point, are designed differently depending on where they will be used. In France, where the climate is generally temperate, they are therefore designed to withstand average outside temperatures ranging from 10 to 32°C. In this case, we speak of climatic class.

In practice, there are 8 different climatic classes. Each influences the gas mixture used by the refrigerator to maintain an adequate temperature. The values ​​to know are the following:

As soon as the refrigerator changes class, as can obviously be the case in mainland France during a heat wave, the risk of it failing is very real. Discover, in our slideshow below, the warning signs you should never miss.