If for you, the ideal vacation rhymes with total freedom, you are surely a fan of wild camping. What could be better, facing an amazing landscape, than being able to pitch the tent right in front. Or to give yourself the pleasure of camping everywhere…. Well, almost everywhere.

Because wild camping in France is regulated. “Wild camping, that is to say practiced in isolation and outside of a developed site, is authorized on the condition of obtaining the agreement of the owner of the land, but in certain places, it is prohibited”, explains service -public.fr

People who camp in these prohibited places incur a fine of up to €1,500, specifies Dossier Familial.

In our slideshow, discover the 7 areas where you are not allowed to pitch your tent.

There are also a few etiquette rules to follow if you want to be a good “wild camper”:

Don’t have any inspiration for your trip? According to generationvoyage.fr, the 7 best sites in France for wild camping are: