Heating: 6 tips to avoid heat loss


After the electricity weather forecast, a gas barometer. Launched by GRTgaz, gas transmission manager in France, with the Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME) and Terega, this system aims to alert consumers in the event of possible tensions on the network.

In the event of an orange or red signal, people who subscribe to notifications will receive an alert by message or email to encourage them to limit their use of gas, especially during very cold periods.

Forecasts are made using consumption estimates and the balance between gas inputs and outputs on the network. If France should not experience gas supply difficulties this winter, it is however necessary to prepare and save in the event of very low temperatures.

“If we have an average winter, we are able to meet demand, but if it is very cold we may have to manage tense situations,” GRTgaz CEO Thierry Trouvou told AFP.

According to BFMTV, more than sixty companies, energy suppliers, media and communities have signed up to the Ecogaz charter, committing in particular to relaying warning signals in the event of tension.

An initiative that is reminiscent of that of EcoWatt, electricity weather forecast which is based on household consumption to launch orange or red alerts to prevent possible power cuts in France.