What could be nicer than staying cool at home when the heat wave is raging outside? Air conditioning can save us more than once when the mercury rises. Only here: such an installation consumes a lot of energy and can quickly explode your electricity bill.

To avoid such inconveniences, Total Energies shares some wise advice. First of all, it is of course recommended not to run the air conditioning at full speed: in general, it is recommended to maintain a difference of less than 8°C between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature. At night, this difference is reduced to 5°C, including during periods of high heat.

In addition, you must know how to use your air conditioner wisely. The supplier therefore advises not to use the air conditioning all day, but only at a few key times: only when you are at home, a few hours when you wake up and a few hours when you go to bed. Also, it is not recommended to sleep with the air conditioning on: it could harm your health. So remember to turn it off before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

How much can you save with these small gestures? According to the calculation of TotalEnergies, which recalls that the amount of the regulated tariff for the sale of electricity is approximately 17 cents per kWh, an air conditioner which announces a power of 2 kWh costs you 2 x 0.17 euro = 0.34 euro per hour. Save the environment and your wallet!