buses in front of the gate are known to be parked elsewhere. If in football a team with everything you boarded up your own housing. In Handball, so it told Hendrik Pekeler on Thursday evening in Berlin, there is something else: the driver. Such had met the German in the form of Park Jaeyong, the goalkeeper of the Korean selection. The reason why they are called men of his type, not supplied Pekeler the same: Because they move too much. But, as you say, are the most effective. Park, Jaeyong parried in the opening game of the world championship by 18 shots, three more than his German colleague Andreas Wolff, and later as a player of the game award.

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Christian Kamp

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Wolff, no bus driver is, and whether you’d go for a ride in a driven vehicle, is a different question; he has a rather troubled feet. But what we can say is that he has made as a goalkeeper in the Interaction with his colleagues from the defence, especially Pekeler and Patrick Wiencek in the middle block, a very good first taste at this world Cup. “We have defended over long distances, very clever and intense,” said Christian Prokop, the national coach. This was true for both the 6:0 as well as for the more offensive 3-2-1-variant, with the help of the Germans robbed the Koreans nerve and balls. Sure, it was against an opponent that was more than a number of small. But nevertheless, What works as the Berlin transport Association, the Finn Lemke was involved, a promise of harmony has in this 30:19 victory, to lead them on a greater journey in this tournament.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

That defence wins tournaments, you can say in basketball as in football, and in this respect, Procopius is his second of the tournament a little bit different than the first. Before and at the European Championships last year, the Defensive was a delicate field of experimentation, with a very flexible cover Prokop wanted to overwhelm the opponent tactically. But in the end he overwhelmed especially his own team, even if it was just one of the many reasons for the Failure. This time Procopius is safe. Especially, by relying on proven information from the League: Wolff, Wiencek and Pekeler know each other well from Kiel, and when Wolff was there last, only the number two behind Niklas Landin, it is assumed that these three understand anyway.

in Addition, Procopius has set out to Wolff as the number one in front of Silvio Heinevetter, which on the one hand, the group is psychologically helpful, because these special characters come out as less in the enclosure; a Heinevetter-driven Bus might be even larger Venture. In addition, Wolff was awarded, once again, an Extra boost of self-confidence: “If the coach tells you that he is a familiar, then this is of course a completely different Motivation, as if unsure whether to play or not.”

this Saturday (18.15 PM in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for Handball WMund in the ZDF) it goes against Brazil. The cold back-room player Franz Semper. For the German team it was good to see Wolff, the great tournament heroes of the EM-victory in 2016, against Korea in this Form: 15 parades meant throws to a 57 percent held. And good to hear, him after that, in Wolff’s Conviction. “I look forward to when the tournament starts on Saturday right,” he said. “I can hardly expect, if we are to experience a game on a Pointed and button as then the mood is over 60 minutes will be.” Whether that will be against Brazil really the case, is rather uncertain. The South Americans but of “a different calibre”, as Procopius said, big guys with more physique and hardness, Wolff and colleagues can expect, from our own experience. At the Olympic Games in Rio, they had even lost.

The ground-breaking question will be what happens after that. If the German defensive people are in the coverage of other calibers. And, in addition, also as the first attacker of precision and sharpness to the game. At least for part one of the task Pekeler has referred to the automatisms under good well-Known before the tournament as a “great advantage”, the Federal government, including the Kiel’s colleague, Steffen Weinhold. In particular, the 3-2-1-variant is a from the THW adapted model. “Since we already have three players, who train every day and play,” said Pekeler on Friday. As such, it acts to make the Germans Worry about.