The weather remains uncomfortable. For example, the sky in the night to Sunday in the whole of the Republic is covered with clouds. In the North-West rain comes down, and in the Southeast half of snow falls in higher elevations. For the Alps, the black forest and the Bavarian forest and the German weather service (DWD) expected cases of strong snow. It is because of the Snow, the danger of breaking trees.

the Lowest temperatures in the valleys between 6 and 0 degrees, in the mountains easier to Frost. In the Austrian state of Salzburg is not expected from Saturday evening to snow – the weather service expects up Monday with a 130 centimeters of new snow.

For Bayern, the DWD said heavy rainfall previously. “The situation is very serious,” said a spokesman. There were severe weather warnings for the South of Bavaria. The snow level is expected to rise from 600 meters on Saturday evening in the 1000 meters on Sunday morning and on Monday again to 500 meters will decrease. Snow and rain increase the pressure on the roofs. In Schönau am Königssee for example, a helicopter was used, the should whirl the snow from the roads the trees. For the districts of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Miesbach, Traunstein, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, and parts of the Berchtesgadener land, in the case of a disaster. The is expected to last until Tuesday.

The avalanche danger in the Alpine is considerable. In Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl in the circuit of Traunstein, the Bundeswehr made according to the authorities several controlled avalanche blasting. At the same time, the Danube and the Alps to threaten from Sunday due to thaw Floods in several rivers in the North. Due to the snowy tracks of the regional traffic, is set in Parts of upper Bavaria, Swabia and lower Bavaria. According to a railway spokesperson, numerous trains per day travelling from also fall in the coming days.

In many Parts of Germany is covered in the Sunday and rainy. Thunderstorms in the North are not excluded according to the DWD. The snow line rises. Therefore, mountains of strong thaw prevails in the medium. Maximum temperatures range between 4 degrees in the South-East and 10 degrees along the Rhine river. A stormy westerly wind with gusts of wind threatening to the North sea.