with A beautiful action, of a teacher to one of his ten-year-old students is capturing the hearts and minds of people from all over the world. Little, Ryan King was, after all, a back condition and for a moment it seemed as if she (and her wheelchair) so not being able to use it on a schooltrip to the falls of the river Ohio, in the united states Louisville, ky. But it was a teacher, Jim is a Powerful supplement.

as Spina bifida. Such is the condition in which the ten-year-old Ryan King, is confined to a wheelchair and could not walk. An open-back, we say, in common parlance, is also once in a while. Her disability caused the little girl to a wheelchair and unable to work, it is. The brave child is usually not to the point to bring up. However, when the school trip is announced in an area that is not accessible for wheelchair users, it was thought, however, if they come up with, it would have to make.

Photo: Facebook/Team-Ryan < / p> Epic teacher

However, her teacher is thought to have a different opinion. He used his own back to see the condition of her back and is less restrictive to them. That is reported to be the mother of the girl on Facebook. “When I was in the school my children were is not enough to have adored, listen here,” she began. “I was beginning to be a alternative to an outing with her, as a teacher, comes to the rescue jumped in and said, ” I want her to have fun the whole day, carry on to the falls’. She is so excited that she, without me you can do that, my heart melts.”

Special details: teacher, Jim, He does not even have a lesson with Ryan. He just wanted to help out. He wore it to the teen, who is about to 22.5 kilograms, weighs in at an hour-long behind his back, and at a temperature of 32 degrees celsius.


After the tour it was Ryan, blissfully happy.She was not only the falls, as seen, she also had the feeling that they are welcome almost everywhere, that does not have to be.

And then, imagine how excited they reacted when they heard about her story all over the world enjoyed reading it as it was. “Oh, my god, my god, I can’t believe that this is the whole world in there”, she says with a surprised, yet very happy faces in the video, which her mother had shared. Her story thousands of times and shared.