Preparing for retirement can, for some, turn into a real administrative ordeal. Especially if errors or omissions have crept into your individual career statement (RIS) and the pension fund asks you to provide the necessary supporting documents to update your file. Because it often happens that these documents have not been carefully guarded. Indeed, it is not easy to keep documents throughout your life through hazards such as moving.

In case of loss, the consequences on your future pension could then be heavy. Indeed, these papers can be capital because they could make it possible to obtain the correction of possible errors noted on your statement of career. They are therefore useful for proving the existence of a right or requesting compliance with an obligation. The stakes are therefore high because it is the amount of the future retirement that is at stake here.

As a reminder, here are the main elements related to career or illness that you must keep:

Your complete file must be submitted no later than four months before you stop working. If certain certificates are missing, it is always possible to request them again, but only for a short period.

For recipients who depended on Assedic until 2009, recovering lost certificates can be complicated. Indeed, in the columns of, the communication department of Pôle emploi revealed: “in accordance with the rules of Unedic, the Assedic kept the supporting documents for 6 years. They were then destroyed. »

Today, the policy of Pôle emploi is different from that of its predecessor. Thus, the establishment retains the documents of job seekers as long as paragraph 1 of article R. 5312-44 of the Labor Code authorizes it, which stipulates that “the personal data and information recorded in the information system are kept for a maximum period of twenty years from the date of cessation of registration on the list of job seekers”.

It is therefore possible to end up with missing documents that are impossible to recover, which can lead to the blocking of the validation of your request. What to do in this case?

If you have misplaced one or more payslips, you can turn to your former employer, provided that he is still active. He will then issue you a duplicate. In the case of a loss of certificate, you can contact the organization concerned to request a new proof if it is still available.

In the absence of annual certificates, you can, as advised by Didier Pensec, Head of the Customer Relations Unit for Agirc-Arrco in the Full Life columns, provide “the notification of the opening of rights issued by the Assedic accompanied by monthly payment notices”.