Funeral insurance: 6 key points to know before subscribing


Whether you want to relieve your family of the financial burden that your funeral will represent, or relieve them of their organization while ensuring that your last wishes are respected when the time comes… The reasons for taking out a funeral insurance contract (which for reminder takes the form of a pension contract) are multiple. The capital raised can thus be used to finance the coffin, the ceremony, the tombstone, the announcements, or even the concession. Some insurance companies can even offer you other services that will support your loved ones at the time of your disappearance. The latter will thus potentially be able to benefit from support with legal and administrative procedures and other services. Sometimes even psychological support. On paper, these different services are interesting in more ways than one. Especially since your loved ones may, when the time comes, not necessarily be able to agree on the choice of benefits, let alone have the strength to work on it. The fact is that taking out funeral insurance cannot be improvised.