René Rock, the Chairman of the Hesse FDP, in the plenary hall of the Landtag in accordance with the parliamentary practices in the first row in place. But behind him, as usual, the rest of the ten FDP deputies, representatives of the AfD seats. “When I look back, I don’t see my people, but the other,” notes Rock.

Ewald Hetrodt

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

F. A. Z.

The reason for this is the with the introduction of the additional group of necessary new Seating in the half round of the hall. Also the smaller parties to be represented in the first row, at least with the Faction leader. Rock and AfD chief Robert Lambrou sit so close to each other, that it is hardly possible to place the respective party friends right behind them.

Rock: “The theatre is not over yet.”

the Rock says that in the first row with four members represented the CDU had to move to allow a chairs back in his senses. Whether it is in the second session of the Parliament is already another solution, depends on the talks in the next few days between the groups. More important is the question of how to deal with the request of the AfD to provide one of the six Vice-presidents of Parliament. The candidate Bernd Erich Vohl fell through in the inaugural session of the plenary. But in the third ballot, he received twelve votes more than its own people could muster.

The mystery of where the votes came has Rock solved now finally. Vohl got all the votes of the FDP, said Rock on Thursday evening on the sidelines of the FDP’s new year’s reception. The same is true for the Left candidate, Ulrich Wilken. It’s behaving consistently, said Rock. The five other groups had decided that each political force, the Position of a Deputy instead. In this way, they wanted to prevent the AfD group to go out empty, and once again as a victim of the established parties geriere. Exactly this possibility of lost monkey your but by you voting for your candidate.

The “theatre” is not over yet, Rock. Because the party had announced to make further Attempts to companies, one of their representatives for the Bureau. The FDP will remain in your attitude. If the representatives of the Left or AfD did something wrong, could use the Parliament specifically for the new term, created way you deselect.

In contrast to the FDP, has chosen the CDU, neither Vohl still Wilken. The one was disqualified and his presentation speech at an AfD Congress in total, said parliamentary leader Michael Bodden mountain in the “Frankfurter Rundschau” in an Interview. “Such a Person and a group, which prepares such a Person, can not there is a serious risk that there is a majority in the Parliament.”