It surrounds a kind of myth that is always greater, the technology, also the people that put their hopes in it: the Blockchain. For years now, the Blockchain, you’ll get a promise of Salvation through the Newspapers and start-UPS, through the offices in the economic and even political Speeches. The Zenith of the hype is likely to be exceeded, and all are waiting to see what new technical Sow is driven next in the village.

you can Look with sober eyes from the machine room on the Blockchain, so it consists of a solid mathematics with a shot of It: your core is a good sized data set, whose components are called blocks. The Name: open up a chain of blocks. The actual chain is formed, characterized in that each Block is directly dependent on its predecessor. This dependence is based on mathematically provable calculations, which protects each Block in the chain before an unwanted change.

This is all rather, put on the first look behind the fabled Blockchain and their alleged promises. Given the Hype that is made about it, maybe a bit of a disappointment. One can ask whether the blocks in your specific order, something Exciting. The answer is actually a little less boring, because everything is Digitisable can be stored therein as a transaction. So one of these digital transactions joins securely to the next. You could call it a digital notary of the Modern.

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A rule was created the right Hype and a lot of wild business ideas were connected within a short period of time with the idea of the Blockchain. At the same time, fell into disrepair under technically Competent and increasingly in laughter as soon as the Blockchain fell. It became the Synonym for ideas that sprung up, particularly the marketing departments, and decision-makers – most often a non-technical audience – directed. Too many of such overrated concepts have been praised in the digital world as a panacea, as those to implement later in the technical fact, quickly fall for it. Since the first with the former wonder of the word-selling project ideas are re-buried, the excitement gradually, even if there are still events and new business plans, the garish with the Blockchain advertise.

The everything would be no reason for the vast interest, the ranks for years on the Blockchain. Your height-to-noise and in a way, their case is due to the Blockchain-especially for a network currency, which was also long months of mouth, by the press, was chased and on the Blockchain: Bitcoin is based. Every few minutes in this chain to date, a new Bitcoin Block, which can be exchanged into cash. However, a descent of the crypto is recorded in currencies which go hand in hand with a loss of confidence: the digital currencies such as Bitcoin as well as almost all the followers have lost their attractiveness, the exchange rates have drastically fallen.

there is No Central coordination needed

but What many will irritate the technically inclined, nevertheless, to the concept, goes beyond a mere trusted logging, trusted, of course. Because the Blockchain-the promise goes one step further: Not only are the transactions to manipulation are safe, they also come without Central coordination. So there must be no Central, which covers everything and controls.