Do you feel like you never meet someone with the same astrological sign as yours? Depending on your date of birth, this is completely normal. Indeed, some months are more conducive to newborns than others, according to INSEE figures. A study recently published by the institute shows that autumn and the beginning of winter are the periods during which births are the least numerous in France.

In the 1990s, we could speak of an “autumn trough”, which has been shifting to winter for a few years. When we look at all births for a century, as INSEE has done, we realize that the months of November, December, January and February are those which always experience the fewest happy events. The difference is obvious with the spring months and especially those of summer, especially July. It is therefore not a surprise that people with the sign of Cancer and Leo are more numerous than the others!

So what are the rarest zodiac signs? Questioned on this subject by Planet, the astrologer in cellular memory Philippe Sonneville explains that as professionals he has of course worked on all the signs. If the “rarity” is logically explained by the low number of births, for him, it is never a coincidence if we come across – or not – such and such a sign of the zodiac.

“You come across signs that make you work on yourself. It’s never a coincidence if the signs we come across are the same or not, because they come to teach us things about ourselves,” he explains to Planet, before concluding: “Anyway, meeting a sign also depends on your own sign, because there are attractions”. For example, air and fire signs get along pretty well, while water and earth signs, on the other hand, are less compatible with fire signs.

Crossing such signs rather than others is therefore partly inexplicable. However, is your sign rather common or rather rare? Discover, in the slideshow below, the five rarest zodiac signs in France.