Forest loss by 2050 is enormous – “Illegal loggers, not the home office”To make 150’000’000’000’000 trillion dollars a consulting firm estimates the value of the world’s forests. However, the Corona-crisis have added to these massively. 2 Kommentare2Um receive the total value of the forests today, or strengths even, should almost utopian measures of grace shall be taken: a view over the Sihlwald. Photo: Manuela Matt

The consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has taken to the target, the value of the global forest stock in US dollars – and to warn against a reduction in value. 150 trillion dollars (143 trillion Swiss francs) would be the price.

Up to 90 percent of them “earn” the forests only due to their ability to climate regulation. The huge “forest value” is also apparent from the almost four billion hectares of global area worldwide.

the Five Nations, more than half of the forest area in Russia is 20 percent ahead of Brazil (twelve) , Canada (nine), the USA (eight) and China (five per cent) have but. Torsten Kurth , a managing Director at BCG-Germany, and co-author of the latest published report described the quantification of the forests as an “objective measurement”, which could contribute to a shift of the emotionally-influenced dialogue on the protection of forests on a fact-oriented Basis.

“It is important to act decisively now to stop the destruction of the forest value, particularly in view of the role of forests as a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change,” reads the Statement of the biochemist.

by 2050 could be a third way to be

The overexploitation of the forests by land-use changes and climate change threaten the existence significantly: The share of these two aspects of the total impairment of the “raw material” to make up by 2050, with 27 out of a total of 30 percent, the major part of the losses of over 800 million hectares of The disappearance, according to the analysis of the consulting company, now, if nothing was done.

The corona-crisis have exacerbated forest loss, it was said more. This statement showed, more recently, media reports, according to which the destruction in the Amazon in the shadow of the pandemic dramatically increased. “Illegal loggers do not a Home Office,” said Romulo Batista of Greenpeace in this context.

With the rapid deforestation and Degradation, the ability of forests to absorb CO2 and store it, what is climate change and earth warming, in turn, drives further progress is to be reduced.

to prevent a 10% loss in the value of

the Five main threats were identified in the analysis. In addition to the mentioned land-use change and rising global temperatures, the three other tortfeasor: non-sustainable felling, the so-called abiotic disturbances such as forest fires, and only at the very end of natural, i.e., biotic disturbances such as the spread of pests and diseases.

in Order to limit the extent of the injury, if possible, BCG governments, NGOs, the private sector and consumers are advised to take measures, ranging from the restoration of the forests, on the reduction of meat consumption to limiting global temperature rise to less than two degrees – which is in line with the objectives of the Paris Climate. The perfect salvation is not in compliance with these points, but in point of view, but nevertheless, would be given a value loss of ten percent.

to obtain the total value of the forests today, or strengths even, should almost utopian measures of grace to be taken: About the only part of the commercial forests with an area of about 2.7 billion hectares would have to be managed sustainably and replanted as well as new forests are planted on a surface area that is larger than Australia.

BCG-study “The Staggering Value of Forests and How to Save Them”

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