The rescue operation of the small Julen from a deep well shaft in the South of Spain goes into its decisive Phase. An eight-strong Team of miners waited on Thursday to prepare for its beginning. The men to dig from the bottom of a in the past few days, drilled a parallel shaft, a horizontal Tunnel to the point at which the two-year-old is suspected.

Because of the extremely difficult circumstances the specialist should be left only with a sort of capsule into the rescue hole down, when even the smallest Details of the action and all the security questions were resolved, reported Spanish media, citing the use of force in the Andalusian Totalán.

The dude should be in each case, preparatory work in teams of two for about 30 minutes with pickaxes and jackhammers, and then replaced. They would be equipped with oxygen masks, and on the phone with colleagues outside, stay in touch. The conditions were extreme, because of the Close, the men could dig just kneeling or lying down, it said.

No sign of life since eleven days

The child on the 13. January on a trip with his parents in the 107-metre-deep, illegally-dug shaft. Because the hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters, had decided the Saviour, a parallel shaft, to dig, to Julen. He is suspected in a depth of 70 to 80 meters.

But since eleven days no sign of life from Julen. No wonder that in pubs, cafes, and offices all over the country in the round is asked: “And if the Little one is in the hole?”. There are mainly lay people, the doubts. But not just that. “I think it is almost impossible that the Boy in this slot is” said in several TV shows Luis Avial from the Geophysics company Falcon High Tech. Normally, it would have been that the child would be stuck in the tiny slot near the top, is the Avial convinced.

“The child a winter jacket, the walls of the shaft are smooth, there are roots, bumps, this is very strange,” said the Avial. Also, the experienced Bay farmer Francisco Barranquero has big doubts. “It is possible that a child remains since it is not plug and to the very bottom slips? I’m telling You, this is very unlikely,” he said to a journalist of the online newspaper “El Español”.

“My son is there, that no one should question”

but Those who are involved in the search, to leave no discussion. The Vice-delegate of the Madrid Central government in Andalusia, María Gámez, said on several occasions, citing various experts on the Cerro de La Corona, you have “certainty” that Julen was at the bottom of the hole. “I’m sure we’re not leaving here without Julen,” she said.