Airbus wants to close factories in the UK, should the Unger Brexit applicable. Thus, the announcements of companies, who want to return to the UK because of EU exit to the back pile up. In the past few days, Sony had announced to relocate its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam. The vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson, in turn, to Singapore officially, however, because of the importance of the Asian market, not because of the Brexits.

this Thursday with Airbus CEO Tom Enders in a video message said: “If there is a Brexit, without agreement, we must meet with Airbus may be very harmful decisions for the UK.”

It is possible to move the large British factories immediately in other parts of the world. The air and space travel but a long term business, so Enders. “Please don’t listen to the madness of the Brexiter, the claim that we are not moving because we have here huge factories, us, and always will be here.”

Destroyed the Brexit a century?

There are countries in the world, who would like to build the wings for Airbus, stressed Enders. “The British aerospace industry now stands on the precipice. The Brexit threatens to destroy a century of development on the basis of education, research and human capital.“

Airbus manufactures in the UK, the wings for almost all of its passenger and cargo planes. Only the new Airbus A220, the the manufacturer of canadian Bombardier has taken over the group, is independent. In the case of an unregulated EU-exit of the British must Airbus to its delivery fear chains.