Florent Pagny: back in pictures on his incredible physical metamorphosis


On January 25, 2022, singer Florent Pagny revealed, via a video posted on his Instagram account, to be suffering from inoperable lung cancer. Invited to the TF1 television news, the artist had agreed to come back to his illness, keeping hope for the outcome of the treatment. “It’s something I’ve had for 3 to 6 months, I only have one tumor, no metastasis. It’s true that we can’t operate, because the tumor is dividing very quickly, but today there are real, very good treatments. (..) I only take the good side of things”, he explained.

On May 11, 2022, the husband of Azucena Caamaño broke the silence by revealing a video in which he returned to the progress of his treatment which seems to be bearing fruit. “I didn’t impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story, but now that it’s behind me, since I still have chemo, I can tell you that I’m doing very well,” he said. affirmed and to add: “The protocol worked rather well: from the first two chemos, my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a nut (…) I changed my look a little, but it’s the treatment that wants that. I’ll get used to it and it will pass (…) I was very well accompanied medically, by my other half and my children”.

In an interview with Télé Star on October 17, 2022, the host Nagui gave news of his friend Florent Pagny. The latter, who was to participate in his musical program Taratata, declined his offer, even if the singer seems to be better, as he declared. “Florent called me and explained to me that it was getting better and better, that he was very optimistic but that he wanted to be in top form before singing”, he explained before add: “For him, October was a bit early”.

A little look back and in images on the look of Florent Pagny who, from a hair or clothing point of view, has gone through all the styles. A real chameleon! Short or long hair, shaved or peroxide, more or less trimmed goatee, relive his metamorphosis in pictures!