now, Tonight, do you know who the new Flandrien, and Flandrienne 2019. The selection of the nominees was made by a choice of wielerkenners. Only a few of them in the jurylunch for the camera. Click here to view the what and the why, to José De Cauwer, Lieselot Decroix, Walter Planckaert, Tom Van Damme, and Tom Steels. What did they have in 2019?

More about José De Cauwer, Two months ago, he was still a video-on-demand, now it’s Michel Wuyts just in time for the 25th Tour and talk to the experts about the decision Of the Aert is to take part in the Tour to go on? “Ready to go” for The wielercommentator and punkdochter: “in the Past, she was always in the black. That is, it is over. But for all the wrong reasons. 27 photos photo special. Well-known Flemish people away Superklassieker