The sublime actress Véronique Jannot lived several love passions with more or less known personalities. She was the companion of Formula 1 pilot Didier Pironi in the early 1980s. The latter died tragically in 1987 following an offshore boat race.

After that, the pretty brunette found love again in the arms of a star of the time, a certain Laurent Voulzy. It was also during the 1980s that the two stars met on a television set. Love at first sight is immediate. “Just after the show, there is a little note that is slipped under the door. I look and it is marked: “I adore you. Laurent Voulzy”, she had confided to the show La parenthèse unexpected in 2013 and to add: “We met I believe the following week in an evening which was made for the benefit of the orphans of the police. And there, we talked. I said to him: “I would love it if you make a song.” He said to me: “I usually don’t, I only compose for myself and for Souchon, but I love your voice and I’m going to do it. I want to do it”.

A mediatized idyll which ended after 10 years of living together. In 2017 in the biography Laurent Voulzy, Authentic, the actress confided in the causes of their separation. “For me, talent gives a lot of excuses, because there are people who are not made for everyday life or for the couple and Laurent, an exceptional being, is one of those, had – she said. Sometimes, of course, a couple clings, but I was also a bit of a woman-child and we were united by a complicity of adolescents which meant that neither of us entered into the daily”.

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