Good Morning! Again, the world looks on in Frankfurt. The commuter capital of Germany – what: the universe gets from the Hessian administrative court of justice time. The judge in Kassel, namely to allow the appeal of the country against the ruling by the Wiesbaden administrative court, the from 1. February would have had to bans for older Diesel and petrol cars. It is worth noting that the administrative court not only law of systematic doubt at the decision of the administrative court, it also takes a hot potato in the Hand, and the plausibility of the existing nitrogen oxide limits in question. But Hello! Helmut Swan reported and commented today in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

And where the highest load column density for electric cars is to be created if not in the universe, but in the European Union? In Rüsselsheim . The Opel city will be> within two years “Electric City”

Now think about it: What makes you unique ? If you know it, to get the Lego bricks out of the nursery and build your own personal “Unique Selling Point” with the building blocks. As it is now, their incredible intelligence can’t be with Lego? You can hold something up. Why are we telling you this? Because there are actually adult people, the so-called motivation courses – pardon: “Meridian-energy-techniques” – with children’s toys money to spend. Caroline Becker has participated in one and know what it means, if on a green plate, a girl and a cat sitting in a boat.

And also there are not only in the Frankfurt police, extreme right-wing cell , but may also be in Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Fulda +++ Annette Daschs “Daschsalon” in the Old Opera in Frankfurt +++ is in the Eschborn meeting of the town Council of the dismissal request against the mayor, Mathias Geiger (FDP) failed and Geiger would not be a violinist, if he didn’t get a full blow out.

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