Retirement: the good news for 2023


Only a few days now separate the French from the year 2023. For the past few months, bad news has been recurrent and it is rare to be able to find satisfaction in the news. However, if inflation and the threat of load shedding are still present, there is still good news for the year to come.

So regarding retirement, a number of new features should put a smile on the face of those concerned. Discover all the good things to come in 2023 for your retirement pension in our slideshow.

Retirement pension payments may vary from month to month. Fortunately, the government site Service-public has set up a payment schedule with all the dates. Here are the days on which you must receive your pensions if you depend on the general pension insurance scheme (CNAV):

Thus, with the payment dates, it will be easier to anticipate the coming year.

Discover in our slideshow the good news that awaits the French in 2023 regarding retirement.