The AfD has failed with their attempt to leave the refugee policy of the government by the Federal constitutional court to complain about. Three applications were rejected as inadmissible, which also means that there is no decision in the matter was made. Also the government does not act, the man was able to pin to a certain time, the label “illegal” is therefore simply non-justiciable; it cannot be brought in front of the judges bench.

Reinhard Müller

responsible editor for “time”, “state and law”, as well as Frankfurt’s General objection.

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Even if the constitutional court decides traditionally quite free about some of the cases, it is closer wants to deal with: The refugee crisis is first of all a political one, in the first, the other constitutional bodies were in demand. Where was the Bundestag, as the government went through an open-door policy?

The Parliament has to make all the essential decisions. After all, the message is now: 2015 is not supposed to repeat. At the same time, is working on the legend. Since you do not want to know it better – even if the consequences are not yet clear.