The social netwerkgigant Facebook in the united states is a private dating service has been launched. The app is fully integrated into the main Facebook app, but it datingprofielen will be separate from your ‘normal’ profile. It will also be your friends don’t know is that you are using Facebook to find love. You will only be able to talk to friends of friends. You can also choose to be completely out of your best to date. I have one every once in a while to have someone in your group of friends or a Instagramvolger? And then there’s the Secret Crush – function < / I> .

as For you, it panics with: your facebook profile is not necessarily a datingprofiel. The service will be opt-in. That is to say, you have to choose to use the service, and to the active profile need to be created. You datingprofiel, it will be a completely separate tab in the Facebook app, and it will be completely separate from your everyday facebook profile.

How does it work?

the Users who datingprofiel to create suggestions according to their however , venue, membership, groups, events, gender, sexual preferences, and overall Facebook activity.

for example, If you’re in Facebook advertisements to go to a concert, the other concert-goers (with some compatibility in interests and in distance) as a suggestion.

for example, If you are a member of a group, other members with whom you have ever had interaction (i.e. comments) will also show up in your comments. There’s no way to swipe and match. In line with the profile of a “suggestion,” can you like, leave comments, or you may also appeal to you. If you’re interested, you can click on the pass ’.

the Given date is a private matter, it will be Facebook Dating, you don’t make suggestions out of your close friends. You can tell your friends friends want to a date. You can also choose to be completely outside of your Facebook circle of friends to be dating. Unless you add a person to your secret crush- of the list.” In this list there is a maximum of nine people that you know and love. This can be a Facebook friend or an Instagram-lover of his. Only when two people each other on each other’s lists and have it put in, they will be notified of the match. If that doesn’t happen, then no one will know that you have one every once in a while you have/had for that person.

Also, would it be possible for you to Instagramstories and attach it to your datingprofiel. “It would be easier to show who you really are, then it’s down to the pins”, says the press release. Facebook believes that content on Instagram is a more authentic way to get to the point to have a static profile.

Privacy and security

the Facebook of the Dating takes the safety and privacy of the users say that very, very seriously. If it is, and then you can have a date comes up, you can give it a date to share your location with a Facebookvriend or family member with you via Messenger. In this way, it can be a digital chaperon to keep an eye on things to keep.

The service is free for now without ads. Facebook Dating is now available in the united states, parts of South America and South-east Asia. The launch in Europe is planned for the beginning of next year.

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